Final ID

Social identity in a
digital world

By defining identity as a social construct, Final ID enables you to construct a digital identity using the connections you form with other people and institutions

Your network is your identity

Every device will generate its own public and private key pair, with the private key never leaving the device. This key pair defines your identity and allows others to endorse your device's claim to your public identity.

Not only people, but entities such as online services and governmental institutions can acquire identities, participating in all activities equally. This network of endorsements allows us to establish individual identity.

Verification is the intersection of networks

Each person seeking to verify your identity will get different results, depending on their network and its intersection with yours. Each person/entity verifying your identity will have a choice to accept your identity or reject it.

While Final ID will provide recommendations when it can, the final call will always be the user's.

Anonymity with verifiability

Beyond verifying you are actually a human being and not a robot, people can also endorse specific things about you, such as your membership in a group. This allows you to establish and share your membership in the digital space.

In situations where you might not want to share your identity but use your endorsements, Final ID, using a TOFU scheme, enables you to authenticate and leverage your endorsement without revealing your identity on an ongoing basis.

What has been built so far

While most of the high-level protocols have been worked out, we are still laying the foundations. We are building an initial proof of concept prototype but will need a lot of help if these capabilities are to be implemented effectively and securely. If we are to achieve the goal of building an open-source, open-protocol, truly free and truly distributed solution for digital identity, we will need people of many skills participating.

This means we need your help.

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